Christopher Carr BSc MSc PhD


About me

I am a Lecturer at the University of Exeter, working in cryptography and blockchain technology.
I teach and have lectured on modules relating to Blockchain, Cryptography, Number Theory, Information Security, Python and Fintech.
Previously I held a position at UWE Bristol as a Wallscourt Fellow in Financial Technology. Prior to that, I held a post-doctoral research and innovation position at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, developing the technology for the blockchain startup Graphchain AS.
I completed a joint PhD from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Queensland University of Technology in 2019. My supervisors were Colin Boyd, Kristian Gjøsteen and Xavier Boyen. My PhD thesis, titled: Towards Fairness and Decentralisation in Modern Cryptocurrencies, was selected for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis award. It can be found here: thesis. I have a masters degree from Royal Holloway in cryptography and a bachelors in mathematics from Keele University.
I am also a founding member, and currently CEO, of the blockchain startup / Graphchain AS.
I have an Erdős number of 4.


My interests lie in various aspects of cryptography, blockchain technology, distributed ledgers and disruptive financial technologies. I am particularly interested in aspects of scalability, sustainability, secure consensus methods on blockchain and DLT technology.
My previous research has looked at some of the major challenges facing blockchain technology, including scalability, decentralisation and energy consumption.
I occasionally give talks on blockchain related topics.

PhD opportunities

I am the co-supervisor of Natalia Olszowy at the Univerity Exeter.
I am always interested to talk about potential PhD proposals. If you have similar research interests, feel free to get in touch.

Teaching and lecturing

I have taught (and teach) various moduals on topics such as:

I have also supervised numerous MSc thesis projects.


The easiest way to see an overview of my publications is via DBPL here: dblp.uni-trier and Google Scholar here: Google Scholar.


Email is the best way to get in touch:

c [dot] a [dot] carr [at] exeter [dot] ac [dot] uk

I also have a linkedIn account that I rarely check: LinkedIn.