C A Carr

Christopher Carr. BSc MSc PhD


Stretham Court

Rennes Dr, Exeter EX4 4ST

University of Exeter

I am a Lecturer at the University of Exeter, specialising in cryptography and blockchain technology. My research has looked into some of the most pressing issues in this domain, such as scalability, decentralization, and energy consumption. My teaching experience includes courses on Blockchain, Cryptography, Number Theory, Information Security and Fintech. I recently designed and finished a lecture series on Smart Contracts for the Spring 2023 semester.

Before joining Exeter, I held a Wallscourt Fellow role in Financial Technology at UWE Bristol. Prior to that, I held a post-doctoral research and innovation position at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where I worked on the development of blockchain technology for the Nordic startup Graphchain AS. At the same time I held a role as a subject matter expert on Cryptography and Blockchain for Deloitte Oslo.

I completed my PhD in 2019, as part of a joint programme between NTNU and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), under the supervision of Colin Boyd, Kristian Gjøsteen, and Xavier Boyen. My doctoral thesis, titled “Towards Fairness and Decentralisation in Modern Cryptocurrencies,” was selected for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis award and can be accessed here: thesis. I also hold a Master’s degree with distinction in Cryptography from Royal Holloway, University of London, and a Bachelor’s degree with honours in Mathematics from Keele University.

I am a founding member and currently serve as the CEO of the blockchain startup Lybell Graphchain, developing on from work inspired as part of the Graphchain project at NTNU and from my own research.

I have an Erdős number of 4.


My interests encompass topics within cryptography and blockchain technology. I am especially interested in the challenges related to scalability, sustainability, and secure consensus mechanisms in blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

I also occasionally give talks on various blockchain-related subjects, and have given media interviews. Please note that I specialise in the more technical aspects of these technologies.

Recent activity

13-14 Sep, 2023 Keynote: CHIST-ERA conference in September 2023, Keynote talk on Smart Contracts challenges and opportunities: link here.
6-7 Sep, 2023 Speaking: Speaking at the Nordic Blockchain Conference in September 2023, on scalability and security: link here.
6 July, 2023 Award: Module I designed and lead, titled Smart Contracts, shortlisted for the Best Academic Programme of the Year award with Fintech SW: link here.
2 Mar, 2023 Seminar: Organised, hosted an event on the real value of Cryptocurrencies at Exeter as part of Fintech West, link here: Fintech West Seminar: Crypto, Web3, DeFi – The Future of Finance or Hype?
1 Mar, 2023 Podcast interview: Interview I gave near end of 2022 (published in March) for The Global List podcast, on Spotify or here https://thegloballist.libsyn.com/
1 Feb, 2023 Module creation on Smart Contracts: Devised the Smart Contracts module for the MSc Fintech program at Exeter University. One of the first courses of its kind in the world, offering a comprehensive introduction to this technology. Link here: Smart Contracts, code BEEM161 at Exeter .


The best way to get in contact with me is via my work email:

I am also (somewhat begrudgingly) on linkedin